About WRJ Southeast District

The WRJ Southeast District is one of 8 districts of the WRJ.  It is composed of 58 affiliate Sisterhoods comprising approximately 7000 women in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.  The purpose of the WRJ SE District is to be a communicating link between the local Sisterhoods and the WRJ office iN New York.  We interpret, implement, and intensify the programs and projects of the WRJ.

rment of our district and WRJ in general.

The Executive  Committee of the WRJ Southeast District is composed of a President, 1st Vice President, 2 Vice Presidents of States, 2 Senior Area Directors, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator, VP of Development, VP of Marketing and Communications, Chaplain and Parliamentarian.  The Board is composed of the Executive Committee, District Chair people, The President's Forum, Presidents of local Sisterhoods, and all WRJ Board members from the WRJ Southeast District.  

Currently the district hold a meeting in the fall of the even numbered years and an Interim Board meeting in the spring of the odd numbered years.  The Executive Committee meets twice a year to conduct business.

At the meetings, delegates have the opportunity to meet other women with similar goals, to receive inspiration and information from leaders in the district, guest speakers, and other Sisterhood representatives, to learn new techniques to develop Sisterhood programs and projects; and to offer suggestions for the betterment of our district and WRJ in general.