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The major legislative body of WRJ is the group of delegates from affiliated sisterhoods who meet bi-annually at the WRJ assembly and are responsible for voting on WRJ constitutional revisions, considering and voting on resolutions, and electing members to the WRJ Board of Directors.  Currently the District holds a Biennial meeting in the fall of the even numbered years and an Interim Board meeting in the spring of the odd numbered years.  The executive Committee meets twice a year to conduct business.  

Between assemblies, the business of WRJ is conducted by its board of directors and the executive committee. 

Given the widespread geographic distribution of affiliated sisterhoods in the United States and Canada, WRJ affiliated sisterhoods are grouped into district federations.  District federations serve as liaisons between local sisterhoods and WRJ, and provide leadership training and support. District federations inform our local affiliates of the programs and projects of WRJ, as well as provide assistance and guidance for implementation of these projects.  Currently, WRJ jas eight districts comprised of nearly 500 sisterhoods with 65,000 members.

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