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1. Attends all WRJ Southeast meetings at her own expense and/or the expense of her sisterhood (except as reimbursed by the district in accordance with its bylaws and standing rules.)

2. Continues to update her knowledge about WRJ – its mission and goals, current activities, program, projects, constitution, and policies.

3. Actively represents WRJ in her sisterhood, congregation, district, and community.

4. Continues to be a member of a sisterhood affiliated with a congregation that is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism

5. Participates regularly in her sisterhood activities, including the annual membership campaign.

8. Promotes WRJ fundraising initiatives, projects, and programs within her local sisterhood and congregation

9. Accepts presidential assignments, including but not limited to committees, task forces, and speaking engagements.

10. Is informed and takes action on critical issues advocated by WRJ.

11. Must be accessible via email and conference calls on a regular basis. 

Deadline March 31, 2018

Please ensure that YOUR sisterhood is represented on the WRJ Southeast Board by nominating one or more women from your sisterhood to serve on the 2018-2020 WRJ Southeast Board. You may also nominate yourself!

Who is eligible? Any member of a WRJ-affiliated sisterhood who has demonstrated a strong commitment to WRJ and sisterhood through her involvement is eligible to apply for a position on the WRJ Southeast Executive Committee or Board.

The officers to be nominated for the Executive Committee are: President, First Vice President, four Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, a Communications Coordinator and a number of Area Directors and Senior Area Directors. Two of the Vice Presidents are Area Vice Presidents who work with the Senior Area Directors and Area Directors to maintain a dialogue with and provide direct service to the district’s sisterhoods. One Vice President handles Marketing and Communications and the fourth handles Development, including YES Fund education and programming. A Parliamentarian and a Chaplain will also be nominated.

Other positions to be filled include a variety of committee chairs: YES Fund, Membership, Judaica Shops, Newsletter, Directory, Constitutional Revisions, Israel Twinning, Evaluations, Outreach, Youth & College, Board Alumnae, Historian, and World Union for Progressive Judaism. 

If you have questions please email Madi Hoesten

Application to Serve on WRJ SE Executive Committee or Board 2018-2020